All families of the Pacifica Co-op Nursery School have different points of view of why they chose the co-op for their children. Below are a few examples of what parents have to say about their experiences here.

I loved the sense of community at the co-op. - Stephanie H.   expand

Both of my children attended, and I learned so much too! The parent education part of the program was wonderful as first time parents. My children loved the play based learning approach and were definitely ready for school. Check it out!

The community and teachers at PCNS have indeed helped our daughter blossom as we had hoped... - Lauren S.   expand

Our daughter has always been very shy and sensitive, so when it came time to find a preschool, we took the task very seriously. We knew that she would need just the right environment to feel comfortable and blossom socially. We looked at ten preschools. Once we visited PCNS it became the standard to which we compared all other schools. After visit all of the other schools, it was completely obvious the PCNS was the place. It was the only school that all three of us felt completely comfortable with. The teachers are incredible- attentive, creative, and astonishingly connected to every child there. The environment is magical and provides tons of options for every kid. It is a place where every detail seems to be intentional, effective, and, in many cases, magical. I think that much of this is due to the incredible wisdom and vision of the director, Teacher Catherine, who has been the unexpected bonus of attending PCNS. We have learned so much from her, and have been surprised to find that the parent education component of the co-op has been one of our favorite pieces. The sense of community that we have gotten has been such a gift, too. Each of the parents gets to know each of the children and you always know that if your child has a tough day, that there will be a parent or teacher available to give your child the attention and time that they need. The community and teachers at PCNS have indeed helped our daughter blossom as we had hoped... And she is seen for who she is. She is honored for who she is. Everyone understands that she is the kid that will play for an hour and then needs fifteen minutes to play by herself uninterrupted. Teachers and parents always makes sure that she gets that space that she needs. I really feel like she has been seen there. That feels so good! She is social, happy, and even outgoing at times after a year and a half there. She looks forward to school and is sad when she doesn't get to go. I think a lot of this is due to the fact that she has been able to grow at her own pace. That is priceless. I cannot recommend this preschool highly enough! Oh- and did I mention... It's BEAUTIFUL! I'm always so happy to spend time there and let my kids play... The ocean air, the gorgeous playground, the organic garden. We never want to leave! Definitely five stars from our family.

The atmosphere is uplifting - Megan S.   expand

There aren't enough positive words to describe Pacifica Co-op. It is an awesome school! I have two sons that each went to Pacifica co-op for three years prior to starting Kindergarten. The atmosphere is uplifting, the kids learn without feeling forced, healthy snacks, parent involvement, knowledgeable teachers with fun lesson plans... A truly exceptional school!

I love that there are always a large variety of activities to choose from, both indoor and out. - Jessica S.   expand

Our family has been so very happy to be a part of the Co-Op family. My son started a couple months after turning 3 and I was concerned about the transition to school as he had never been in daycare. After our first visit I knew that it was the right fit, and we have been thrilled with the program ever since. I love that there are always a large variety of activities to choose from, both indoor and out. The director and teachers are all wonderful- and my son very quickly felt at home there. One of the things I was concerned about in a co-op environment was the many different adults my child would encounter on a daily basis, and if it would be overwhelming. I soon realized that every single parent working in the classroom with the children was an asset to the school- allowing for so many more activities and one on one attention that wouldn't be possible without the extra working parents. We also realized that these people would also quickly become friends and people both myself and child trusted and felt comfortable with. The amazing outdoor space for the children to run and play and bike ride and be out in the sunshine is so special, as is the fact that during playtime the teachers suggest things like making mud, painting the fence, hammering chalk, and making sand volcanoes. It truly provides your child with a magical pre-school experience. Lastly I was a little concerned about the time commitment of a workday- but I have LOVED being able to be with my son at school once a week. I see his progression and growth firsthand- and its worth every second.

It's such a great example for them to see all of these families working together - Katy M.   expand

One thing I have always noticed is the pride that kids get when their parents are working or they talk about something their parents do for the school. It's such a great example for them to see all of these families working together to create such a creative and fun environment for them. It gives them the opportunity to be a part of something BIG and shows them how we can work together to accomplish anything.

I have met some amazing parents along the way that I will continue to stay in contact with - Danielle N.   expand

Pacifica Co Op Nursery far exceeded my expectations of what our preschool experience would be like. I was extremely hesitant to even enroll my daughter in preschool, being that my work schedule is not typical and I work evenings and nights. On the other hand, I knew how important it was for my daughter to get the socialization experience before heading off to kindergarten. Most of the preschools I looked into would have taken so much time away from my daughter Sadie and I that we get together, not to mention the cost would have been 3-4 times more expensive than that of the Co-Op.
Looking back at our time with Pacifica Co-Op, my only regret is that I didn't enroll her sooner!! The Co-Op has given me everything and more that I was hoping to get out of the preschool experience. The parent workday is something that was not offered by many other schools, but something that has truly been a gift. Being able to be involved in my daughters learning and development, and witnessing how much the teachers of the Co-Op truly care about each and every child there eased my fears that all of us parents have about our children being under somebody else's care. Most importantly the teachers make sure each day is filled with endless fun, and the fact that they are learning while having fun makes it even better.
Not only has my daughter learned so much from our experience, but I have as well. The teachers at the Co-Op have taught me so much as well that has helped me in understanding the many developmental stages children go through.
Going in as a new parent I was welcomed from the very first day from the wonderful parental community and the teachers. I cannot say enough good things about the Co-Op from the healthy snacks to the creative and fun learning style that is implemented daily. I have met some amazing parents along the way that I will continue to stay in contact with when our time at the Co-Op ends!!