We are a parent run, professionally directed, not-for-profit, licensed preschool. Cooperative for us means parents participate deeply, in multiple ways, in our program, through weekly work-shifts, on-going projects throughout the year, and periodic organizational and educational development. This high level of parent engagement and participation provides a very low cost way to deliver a high quality educational experience to our students. Oh, and it is pretty fun too!

Benefits for the parents

Parents have the opportunity to work and learn along side their children, to see first hand how their kids are growing and developing, and witness their day to day interactions with their teachers, peers, and other caring adults. This familiarity with their child's world gives parents a valuable opportunity to connect with their kids outside of school as well. Parents also develop a relationship with their child's peers, and like minded parents, building and strengthening their community roots.

Parents also receive guidance and support in the every day challenges of raising young children through parent education seminar, modeling of the child-centered communication techniques of the teachers, and conferring with other like-minded parents within the co-op community.

Benefits for the children

Children benefit from the social interaction with other adults in a caring and supportive environment, developing healthy respect for their adult counterparts. Children benefit from the small adult to child ratio (generally 3:1 - 4:1), allowing individualized attention when needed for comfort or support in learning activities. Young Children learn best through play and unstructured, self-initiated activity. The small ratio allows children to safely explore and experience at their own pace with appropriate supervision and guidance.

Benefits for the community

Through participation in a co-op, families develop a strong sense of responsibility that carries over into many aspects of community life. Many former co-op parents are found highly involved in local elementary school and community based, volunteer organizations that directly benefit our children and our community.