All parent-members of the Pacifica Co-op Nursery School commit to the following set of activities as part of their membership in the co-op. Items are detailed in the membership handbook available at the Co-op.

  • Work at the school one session each week as a Parent-Teacher providing supervision of activity areas and cleanup of school facilities
  • Be available to work "on call" once every 4-7 weeks as the Emergency Parent of the Day (EPOD)
  • Perform a regular "school Job" to assist in the administration and operation of the Nursery School throughout the year. Job descriptions are widely varied to accommodate individual strengths and preferences. A few examples of school jobs range from "Cutter" (assist the teachers with cutting pieces for curriculum activities), shopper (assist in purchasing food items for nutritious snacks prepared at the school), to party planner, decorator (decorate the school according to the season/holiday with provided materials), to scheduler or class representative.
  • Fulfill Enhancement requirements to improve and maintain the school facilities (4 hours per semester)
  • Attend the combined Parent Education and Communication meetings held only 4 times per year, to be informed of the school's activities and curriculum
  • Participate in fund-raising activities to provide funding for the school's programs
  • Abide by the Policies and Bylaws of the Nursery School and Pay all Tuition, Fees and Deposits in a timely manner