Participating in fund-raising activities is a crucial part of being a member of the co-op as it helps to provide resources for all of the school's programing

TRIKE-A-THON (Fall Fundraiser)

The annual Trike-a-thon fundraiser is a sweet event where the co-op children get involved in raising money for the school by seeking sponsorship from friends and family, and then have fun riding their bikes or "trikes" around and around the track, all while decked out in their favorite Halloween costumes (event is held in late October). The fun continues with a Halloween themed carnival just for co-op families and alumni to enjoy, fostering a sense of teamwork and community.

Rainbow Fest (Spring Fundraiser)

We are excited to announce our new spring fundraising event ‐ Rainbow Fest! This yearly event is an afternoon of food, music, art and activities for everyone in the community to enjoy! With spectacular raffle prizes, a super silent auction and enticing entertainment, this important fundraising event makes possible the necessary improvements both inside and outside the Nursery school. All funds raised go directly to helping the talented and dedicated teachers and board provide amazing and enriching experiences for our children in an unforgettable place.


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