COVID Protocols

  • Face masks are required for all staff, onsite adult volunteers and children while on the school grounds.
  • On a daily basis at the entrance to the school building, we screen for COVID-19 symptoms, including conducting temperature checks and inquiring about symptoms such as cough and fever.
  • There is mandatory hand washing by all staff, onsite adult volunteers and children upon arrival, before and after each activity, and before/after meals.
  • To maintain social distancing, children remain in the same group and with the same staff each day.
  • Each child has individual art supplies and activity packets.
  • Toys are placed in “soiled” toy buckets and disinfected daily.
  • Surfaces are disinfected multiple times daily to ensure effective germ removal.
  • Unscheduled visitors are not allowed to enter the school building. All member volunteers working onsite will be coordinated in advance.
  • Co-op members will be updated regularly and advised of any policy changes.