Our program offers a play-based curriculum with emphasis placed on the process rather than on a specific end product.

The curriculum is thematic and multi-modal, meaning that information is presented within a periodic cycle over two to three weeks for each theme (e.g. colors, outer space, safety, winter celebrations), and themes are presented through a variety of activities used to explore many facets of the theme as well as used to reinforce active learning process (e.g. painting pictures of planets, playing language games with planet names, etc).

Children respond and interact to the program at their own level of readiness, and this is greatly respected and supported at our school. It is important to remember that with pre-schoolers among their first tasks are organizing and controlling their bodies, then their minds, and, with our help, their feelings. As our regular program explores the many themes throughout the year, these explorations facilitate the children's development of their bodies, minds and feelings through an ever exciting program. The variety of activities offered through the thematic approach exposes the children to a broad spectrum of ideas, concepts and physical challenges. The processes that we emphasize at the preschool are truly the precursors to the basic skills learned in kindergarten.

Examples of thematic curriculum


Activity Area







Decorating rhythm sticks

Make a music shaker (from plastic bottle

Create a horn instrument

Finger paint while listening to classical music

Make a bell tambourine

Varied / Cognitive

Tap Math game with cards and Rhythm sticks

Glass acoustics - predict pitch

Sounds from around the world - LOTTO

Dictation (story writing) If I were in a marching band

What instrument is missing

Large motor

"I've got music" - act out play

Musical Chairs to music from around the world

Play marching band music - march with instruments

Hide objects - use piano for high/low pitch to find (hot/ cold game)

Act out "the happy hedgehog" play


Activity Area







Assemble a picture with cut flowrs, leaves, etc

Make a Sunflower Necklace

Create a seed collage

Make a bee puppet

Paint a carrot

Varied / Cognitive

Plant lima beans to sprout in paper towel/bag

Dictation (story telling) "Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow"?

Plant Violets in Clay Pot

Bee pollination of a flower - math game

Make Carrot Salad

Large Motor

Dig and prepare the garden

Plant organic vegetables in our garden

Continue planing in our garden

Net/hammock swing with grabbing paper flowers

Act out the carrot seed growing